We all have an ego..but why? The ego seems to our own worst enemy, the ego demands that it`s urges should be fulfilled immideatly…and rather more and better every time. In many ways the ego can be compared with a spoiled child, so we all have a spoiled child inside of us more or less. Within some people this appears almost to be their personality trait. I don`t have the answer to why we have an ego, but one of the reasons must be that we help ourselves surviving by getting our basic needs an instinct we do this. Also one of the reasons we have an ego is so that we can develop ourselves by the everlasting fight between our ego and soul. Some learn slowly,some learn fast,some never learn..they are not supposed to..this life.

Why I say that the ego acts like an enemy: It holds us back sometimes..when we know we did something wrong or a mistake, but we ill not admit it..even if we know that admitting it to another would make a large progress.the ego says no..and continiues on the path of stagnation..ego equals pride in a destructive way. Like I said the ego can be very dominant in some people..we can see this in people who have had many therefore their actions are driven by fear, this is of course mostly unconsciously. From this we get that the persons that seem to others like egoistic…are the ones that are driven by fear..unfortunately, if we let fear rule our life..then it will hold us back in we seem to be set back again and again. We even deny this to ourselves…but if we can recognize our behaviour patterns as based on fear then we can start to work on one thing.,ask ourselves what caused this fear and if its relevant in the present. Ask yourselves “Do I need this fear anymore?” Now you have opened up for new possible ways of thinking…then imagine different ways you would like your life to be like, after choosing the one you like most and set your mind at it..this you do by saying to yourself :It is my intention to….(what you dream of) ” I hope this gave you some thoughts on the ego and what drives you.

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Powerful energy places in Norway

Around the world there are many powerful energy places, let me mention a few here: Stonehenge in England, The pyramids in Egypt, Lake Titicaca on the Peru/Bolivia border. It may come as a surprise for somebody that we actually have places like that in Norway. Let me start with Domkirkeodden  in Hamar down by Norway’s largest lake.At Domkirkeodden there are some famous church ruins. There is a sign on a stone there wich points to Nidaros in Trondheim…wich is also a very powerful energy place, so the two places are connected in many ways. Still there is a path where you can walk from Hamar to Trondheim. There goes a large energy field under the ground from Giza in Egypt and all the way to Nidaros. Olaf Tryggvason (Great grandson of Harald Fairhair the first king of Norway) knew all about energy fields and took advantage of it by settling down in Nidaros. The beautiful Nidaros Cathedral has a famous ghost wich some of you know. The next place I like to tell about is in Østerdalen (Oesterdalen) ..on a mountain called Muen, there it is 3 energy fields that cross over each other! From Muen you can drive all the way up to 1600 metres on a mountain called Tronfjell this one is in Alvdal. On Tronfjell there lived an Indian philosoph named Surenda nath bahal, he wrote more than 30 books on the mountain where he lived. Nidaros Cathedral:

One more place i like to tell you about is Norway’s Stonehenge..the twelve stone ring in Moelv, Hedmark. It was raised about 2000 years ago, and has been used for some early kind of court..there has also been discovered burnt human bones there much later.

When we visit a place with powerful energy, we may experience receiving healing then and there, but also for days after. We may feel peaceful and relaxed and get a feeling of being our true self and belonging.

Another thing worth mentioning while we talk about energies here, is  chakras.. yes, earth has it`s own chakras. They are not located in the same order as in a human body, but each chakra can be found where the place`s energy are similar to the energy for that chakra. For example the throat chakra represents a market place or a city hall can represent the throat chakra. Each country has their own local chakras. Cathedrals are built on holy old places and they are constructed after the chakra system. The entrance of a cathedral is representing the root chakra, baptism is in the sacral chakra, the seats are where the emotions runs..solarplexus. The altar represents the crown chakra.

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Life lessons

I dare to say that there are basically two main groups of people. First those who just seem to float through life, with no bigger worries than what they are going to have for dinner. The other group is people who keeps getting knocked down by life itself, over and over again, if you belong in that category..there is no reason to envy the first mentioned group, simply because they are not supposed to have challenges this life. In a kind of way we can say they are between lives. Yes, I know it can be irritating for us who belongs to the hard tested people, but you shall know that it is we who gets to really learn life lessons. Lessons sometimes has to been knocked in you over and over before you learn..than again, you really know it! I remember my father trying to give me good advises based upon what he had experienced and learned in his life, it never worked. Why you may ask, we can never learn from others experiences..we must live and learn ourselves our own life lessons that are so to say ” designed” for us and our purpose of life. We can give advises for others to choose directions, but we can never stop another from learning their own lessons, just letting them know about the possibilities so they may choose one direction or the other. To be continiued…

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Are you aware of this number? This number started showing up in my life for the first time in my life, a few months ago. Then, I did not know it had a deeper meaning than just being 3 similar numbers. It ment nothing special to me. Today the amazing number 333 showed up again right here on my blog! I decided to search for it, let me tell you what i found out. The number 3 is reference to TRINITY wich is speaking of the 3 elemental Energies of which we are made up of and of which we all want Fulfillment in {the Me, your emotional/physical Self, the Be, your active success driven Self, the I your Eternal Spiritual Self}. Unfortunately few experience such Fulfillment in their Lives for TRUTH(33) is the way and few live the TRUTH(33).

When you start to notice that a certain number keeps showing up in your life, it is called  Spontaneous Transient Number Awareness because it is an unprompted{spontaneous} Spiritual Communication  within a specific time frame {transient} directed to only you who sees it.  This specific number “333” shows up for those who seeks the truth. The Number 33 is a type of Universal Communication which is offering you some Life Guidance , its Message is leading you towards living a purer reflection of the Eternal TRUTH(33) and becoming aware of others who may be lacking of TRUTH(33).  In so doing you will come to experience a Greater Fulfillment of your TRINITY of Life Energies and the doors to the Eternal will be wide open for you upon your Earthly close. The number 333 also appears in Religious contexts: In one of messages of the Virgin Mary given to Don Stefano Gobbi, of the Marian Movement of Priests, we can read: “333 indicated once, that is to say, for the first time, expresses the mystery of the unity of God. 333 indicated twice, that is to say, for the second time, indicates the two natures, that of the divine and the human, united in the divine Person of Jesus Christ, 333 indicated thrice, that is to say, for the third time, indicates the mystery of the Three Divine Persons, that is to say, it expresses the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Thus the number, 333, expressed one, two and three times, expresses the principal mysteries of the Catholic faith which are: (1) The Unity and the Trinity of God, (2) the incarnation, the passion and death, and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.” ALL IS ONE IN TRUTH …Peace in the world begins from peace within, and peace is what you feel when you stick to the truth and live your truth.

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Letting go of the past

Some of us have had a rough start in life, and if you did your life has been a big struggle till now. You may have felt a little hope now and then, but before too long the past came haunting you again. Sounds familiar? I have found some answers that I like to share with you. First of all bring your attention to the present, what do you want now? How do you like to be treated, and most of all what do you expect? If you find that your past is still haunting you, then I am sure you are still living by your old “Schedule” of expectations. You may have changed a lot and you know you want to be happy, ” So why does the same things keep happening again and again to me?” you ask. Because deep down in you there is still some remains of your past, you have to recognise this and be willing to change it. Ask yourself:” What good does my past do for me now? and do I need this?” Really, what does your future do for you now? Keeping complaining and being bitter about it, just reminds you of those bad feelings and it gives energy to what you don`t want any more. Besides, who likes to hear someone complaining all the time? Both you and your friends/family, will feel uncomfortable every time this subject is brought up.What do you get from keeping bringing it up? Think about that…yes, you will get more frustrated about it each time you talk about it. Knowing this, I am sure you agree with me, it`s for the best to forgive and forget the past and the people involved. To forgive is not the same as accepting, to forgive is something you do for yourself to make space for something better. Nothing good has ever come out of  haterous feelings towards other person. Raise yourself above your ego and pride and be a better man/woman and try to let go of those negative emotions.Bring your focus on what you want for today and the future, and think about what you can do to get there. You must be willing to change your way of thinking, perception and most of all you have to say to yourself that: ” I deserve the best, and I am willing to accept that it is perfectly all right for me to receive love and happiness”

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Integration of new habits

We have all tried to change a few habits in our lives. Some with good results and some we tried again and again but gave up each time. Why? Because giving up is the easiest thing to do, so we think…but taking the easy way out has something in store for us, payback time..then we get slapped in the face by reality telling us that things builds up and become a harder challenge next time. The more we skip a challenge, the harder it comes back at you. Many of us have each year after the Christmas holidays ( yes, you recognise ) decided that “this January I will start a new life, I will eat healthy and excercise regularly” wich we gave up after 2 weeks! Why? Yes, it takes some time to integrate new habits. The worse the habit is and the longer you have been practising it plays a role here. Your prejudices of your own endurance has perhaps been coloured from you last tempts that failed. To integrate a new habit takes time, like I said. So give yourself time and patience..if  you should get a drawback one day, so what? That`s a part of the process! This happens to everyone when we work on improving our life in general. We get 2 steps forward and 1 step back, sometimes it feels like climbing a ladder 10 metres..and fall straight to the ground..but relax! It`s perfectly normal. You just get up on you feet again and give it one more try,and one more…till you manage. Some of us are very resistant to change of habits, maybe because we are afraid of changes..even if they are for the better, and what should we do if things got perfect? We would have nothing to complain about…oh no! (ironic) No, seriously..there was a myth saying it takes 21 days to change any habit, the myth came from a book of  Dr. Maxwell Maltz  where he wrote about the time it took for the body to accept a new body part (1960) Now 50 years, studies shows that all depend on the habit and the person. For example to make a habit of having a glass of water each morning took 18 days to integrate so it became something they did automatically. Something much harder to change was doing sit ups each day..that took 254 days ( I had given up long before that!)  The average of days it took to integrate a new habit, was 66 days. So just you keep on trying:-) LOL I bet reading this sure makes you want to give up…but I got an advice that seems to work EVERY time, on all things: One day at a time..and you will be fine

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I am a woman

And I`m damn proud of it! Without a woman, you would not exist. A woman gave you your life that’s a fact. All men have a mother and/or sister, wife, daughter in their life. The creative energy is a feminine energy, the moon is feminine sister moon.Mother earth is a very good example of how we need feminine energy to be alive. Both men and women have a masculine and a feminine side in them. A woman is a goddess, a wife, a lover, a sister, a mother the most familiar archetypes and here is a picture of a well-known and very good-hearted woman in history mother Theresa originally from Albania. It is a well-known fact that women can take more pain than men. Women are the strongest sex, they give birth..a man would die from the pain! We the women takes care of our husbands sometimes like they were children, I honestly don`t mind since I will do anything for the one I love. If a man can find all female archetypes in one woman he is really lucky. A strong woman can be both emotional and determined, she knows whats she wants and make sure she gets it no matter what the price. Other women I would like to mention is Florence Nightingale an English woman famous for her pioneering work in nursing, she was known as ” The lady with the lamp” as she used to visit wounded soldiers at night with a lamp in her hand. Eleanor Roosevelt was not only the president’s wife, she was a woman with a deep sense of social justice and she was the leader of both civil rights and women`s rights.Even after her husband died, her influence were powerful. I could go on and on..the list of women who have made a change in history is very long.Let me just mention Indira Gandhi (not related to Mahatma Gandhi) , she was India’s first and only prime minister so far,She was the world’s longest-serving woman Prime Minister.

The Indian goddess for wealth: Lakshmi 

In mythology and religion  from all around the world we find goddesses and queens . Some of the most famous I think we all know are: Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Venus, the roman goddess of love and beauty. Freya, the nordic goddess for love, beauty, war and wealth. Bast, the egyptian cat goddess who protected pregnant women and children. Isis, the egyptian goddess for life and magic.

In my opinion the womans role has been underestimated in many countries. Behind every man there is a strong woman. In the 50`s and 60`s almost every woman was a housewife, she cooked, she washed, she ironed and made sure the kids had their lunch with them to school and husband for work. If a woman choose to stay home (specially in Scandinavia) nowadays, she will get nasty looks and bad words from working women. Have you tried being a housewife ? It`s much work…you have to be a housekeeper, a wife, a mother, a lover, a partner, a negotiator, a therapist, and much`s a full day job! Think about children coming home to an empty house and have to be alone for hours, because their mother is working. I think we shall give our support to those mothers who have chosen to stay at home…those who are so fortunate have been given the opportunity to do that. I am a woman and I can do anything I set my mind to. I choose my life

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